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zultys cloud services

With Zultys Cloud Services, you get secure and reliable, enterprise-class service without the enterprise-class cost. We put everything in the cloud, so there is less to manage, and it is “future proof” with additional features and functionality immediately available as developed. No more new phone system every five to seven years. This could be the last phone system you’ll ever need!

Available Features Include:

  • Unified Communications for Windows, MAC and Linux
  • Conferencing
  • Softphone
  • Visual Voice Mail
  • Presence Notification
  • Instant Messaging
  • Video Calling Call Recording
  • Contact Center and Operator Functionality
  • Mobile App
  • Enhanced Call Handling Rules
  • Automated Attendant
  • Interactive Voice Response
  • Automated Outbound Calling Integration with Outlook and Microsoft Exchange
  • Integrated Fax Server
  • Active Directory / LDAP Support
  • And Much More

All of the Capability of our Enterprise Class IP-PBX

Your unified communications system should help your business increase revenue, become more efficient, control cost, increase productivity, and improve your level of customer service.

With Zultys Cloud Services, you get the most advanced, reliable and fully-featured business phone system in the industry without the investment in telephone system equipment. It includes all of the capability of our premise-based Zultys MX platform.

Zultys Cloud Services provides your total office communications solution with everything you need included in our hosting packages – all PBX services and features, SIP Trunks, local, long distance and international calls –all on one convenient monthly phone bill.

Stay Connected to Your Business from Wherever You Are

Enable employees to stay productive and accessible whether at their desks, in a remote office, or mobile – on their desk phone, smart phone, tablet or laptop – Anywhere and Everywhere! But more than that, you need a robust unified communications solution that is cost-effective, easy to deploy, support and won’t increase demands on your already lean IT staff.

  • Initial Cost Savings – No large upfront investment by purchasing an office telephone system.
  • Ongoing Cost Savings – You pay only for services and features on a per-employee basis. Features can be easily added or removed as your business needs change.
  • Mobility – Integrate smart phones with Zultys Mobile Communicator™ App, enabling mobile workers to access the same features of the office phone system, like total call control, office directory, IM, Presence, Visual Voice Mail and much more.
  • Work Anywhere – When your office phone system is virtual, employees can work from home, remote offices, on the road, mobile phones, and even overseas – just as if they were in the office.
  • Presence and IM – See whether employees are available, in a meeting or out of the office and exchange secure instant messages with colleagues to streamline communications.
  • Enterprise Capabilities – For small businesses, unified communications and contact center functionality is often cost-prohibitive. Not so with Zultys’ powerful feature packages.
  • Scalability – Virtual systems can expand and grow with your business as needed. You can easily add phones and services as your business expands, up to 10,000 users in multiple locations.
  • Connect Multiple Locations – If you have multiple locations and want them tied together, or want a premise-based system in some locations and a cloud solution in others- it’s no problem. With Zultys, you get the exact same user experience whether in the cloud or on your premises.
  • Easy Set-up and Admin – With Zultys Cloud Services, you can be up and running very quickly. Ongoing administration is simple with Zultys admin interface that enables user management, monitoring and making changes to your service at any time.
  • Reliability – We maintain multiple redundant data centers supervised and maintained 24/7/365 so your communications infrastructure is protected.

The Infinite Possibilities of the Cloud Allow You to Choose the Services you Need

When selecting a business phone system, one size doesn’t fit all. It’s about designing the right fit so you can focus on running your business, not worrying about your phone system.

The right fit is the one that gives you the tools to increase productivity and efficiency and help you grow your business profitably while improving client support. Many cloud phone systems out there were designed for the small-office/home-office market and lack true business functionality. Zultys hosted solutions are built upon over a decade of delivering powerful enterprise-class communications capabilities to small, medium and large organizations throughout the world.

Servers installed in our state-of-the-art data centers are fully redundant with failure protection and are supervised around the clock. This ensures the high availability and reliability that your business demands. This service continuity protects the lifeline of your business by keeping you connected.

Whether you have 10 employees or 10,000, have a single location or 100 branch offices, we have the system and the experience to help you communicate better.



mxmeetingMXmeeting™ is a web-conferencing platform that fully integrates with the Zultys MXIE unified client application. You can launch a multi-party web-conference with the touch of a button from your PC, Mac or even from your Smartphone.

The 4-in-1 MXmeeting appliance plugs right into your network and allows as many people as you wish to join a collaborative web-conference without even having special software installed on their computer. You can do anything from interactive web-conferences and seminars, to remote desktop support and remote access.

MXmeeting delivers real bottom-line benefits.

  • Web conferencing – sales presentations, product demos, interactive collaboration
  • Web Seminar – seminars for view-only attendees, no download
  • Remote Support – remote desktop support for PCs and Macs
  • Remote Access – access to office or home PCs from anywhere anytime

The Zultys M200 and M500 MXmeeting appliances offer exceptional functionality and flexibility in a small appliance. Measuring only 9" x 6" x 1.4", (230mm x 152mm x 35mm) the Zultys MXmeeting™ appliance quickly and easily connects to the MX30 or MX250 platform. MXmeeting™ operates in both PC and Mac environments.


Capacity Range
MXMeeting Appliance Included Capacity Maximum Capacity
M200 2 Rooms, 10 Users 4 Rooms, 20 Users
M500 5 Rooms, 20 Users 20 Rooms, 100 Users


General Bandwidth requirements: 50kbps-160kbps per standard presentation slide per MXmeeting web conference session attendee


Like all Zultys products, MXmeeting™ is easy to configure and even easier to use. MXmeeting™ is a web-based conference device that offers a full array of sophisticated features for a surprisingly low investment. MXmeeting™ allows you to:

  • Conduct web conferencing with participants anywhere in the world at a moment's notice via the Internet
  • Set up an audio conference session in seconds without distributing a bridge number to your invitees or having to dial into a new phone number each time.
  • Provide sales presentations and product demos via screen share sessions with one or multiple customers
  • Meet and collaborate worldwide
  • Offer training or e-learning for employees or clients
  • Deliver remote support in real-time
  • Take control of a remote computer with one click of the mouse from your client interface
  • Enhance IT efficiency through the ability to transfer files and reboot remote computers
  • Provide remote access and maintenance to customers
  • Access office or home computers remotely without cumbersome applications like PC Anywhere or TelNet
  • Conduct web seminars as an alternative to the cost and stress of travel
  • Easy file transfer so you can send working files and presentations to participants in real-time


MXmeeting™ delivers unmatched return on investment by equipping clients with the collaboration tools they need today. The ability to connect with multiple remote workers, screen-share during projects, and provide real-time online support for customers transforms MXmeeting™ into one of an enterprise's most valuable assets.

Zultys provides a US-based hosted audio conference service with support for up to 150 ports. This audio conference service is provided through a 3rd party at no additional charge to those purchasing MXmeeting. Given the dependence on the 3rd Party, Zultys cannot guarantee the audio conference quality and / or availability.

MXmeeting™ provides web conferencing that is truly and fully integrated with the MX IP phone system.

MXmeeting Brochure »



The system administration software gives you complete control over the system from a single integrated interface. The software runs under Windows and the PC can be located anywhere in your network.

You can have multiple administrators and can assign different privileges to each. The dial plan is intuitive and allows flexibility to have extension numbers of different lengths, internal and external emergency numbers, and call blocking. You assign the extension to the user, not to a physical phone.

You add the data about users manually or import the data from an export file of another source.

You can define the devices that you are using and assign them to users. As users move locations you do not need to make any changes to the configuration on the MX250. Users retain their extensions regardless where they plug their phone in your enterprise.

You select the auto attendant and voice mail scripts and the schedule for these scripts to operate. You can modify or create scripts through the GUI.

All of the configuration, the voice mail, and CDR can be periodically backed up. The software allows you to monitor the status of any user or device on the system, and also to monitor SIP, CAS, and ISDN protocols. The MX250 can send events to a Syslog server.



MX Release 7 built on the previous release's reputation as a secure, all-in-one SIP-based IP phone system that delivers unmatched innovation, reliability and scalability, MX Release 7.0 offers capabilities for customization and mobility, as well as new functionality for unprecedented contact center collaboration. Enhancements to SIP security and existing third-party CRM integrations round out the new release, making it the premier IP phone system to meet the demands of today's business environments.

Introducting Our New Customizable MIXIE

Users may now custom tailor the MXIE interface to fit their individual needs. This new version gives MXIE a whole new look and makes it even easier to use!

  • Move the toolbar to any location on the main screen and pick whether to have icons, text or both.
  • Address book, Call Log, Voice Mail and Parked Calls windows can now be docked in the main MXIE window and users may choose to place them all side by side or separate them with tabs.
  • New Zultys Quick Contact allows users to search all address books for a contact’s name or phone number, and then either call or send an IM straight from the Quick Contact.
  • Mailbox usage and limit information is now displayed within the voice mail viewer.

Zulty's Mobile Communicator For Andriod

Release 7.0 introduces the much requested Zultys Mobile Communicator for Android. Mobility tools in the workforce continue to be a key factor in evaluating IP phone systems and Zultys is extending our award winning mobility solution to Android devices alongside the existing iPhone, iPad and BlackBerry mobile applications.

  • Mobile workers can truly stay connected with our Unified Communication features like Presence, access to company directory, call log, secure IM, single number contact and much more.
  • Zultys Mobile Communicator for Android also includes advanced call handling features like hold and transfer, previously reserved for the office phone, but now available even on the go.

Integrated Contact Center

Zultys is committed to enhancing the functionality of our Integrated Contact Center. This release includes:

  • Barge-In and Whisper support for ZIP-5 series IP Phones – supervisors may now barge-in to an ICC call as well as whisper coach agents.
  • SuperView – supervisors can pick and choose exactly what they see and the order in which the information is displayed in the SuperView monitoring screen.
  • Report Scheduler for MXreport – customize your reports and have them automatically delivered to your email inbox or saved straight to your computer or network every day, week, month, and so on.
  • Enhanced “Quit queue options” now allow for 3 quit options all with configurable trigger value. This enhancement is available for Operator, ACD, Hunt and ICC Groups.

Music On Hold Playlists

Another great feature included with release 7.0 is Multiple Music on Hold Playlists. This feature allows each Call Group or group of users to have a unique music playlist which is played for hold, park and queuing. This feature is especially useful in situations where a single MX services multiple distinct businesses, like car dealerships, call centers or online stores.

  • System administrators can configure up to 64 different playlists to be assigned to callers as Music on Hold based on User, Call Center Group, or Automated Attendant that the call was routed to.

Third Party CRM Integration

MX Release 7.0 comes with new enhancements for existing third party CRM integrations as well as a new Communicator application:

  • Salesforce.com Communicator
    • Support for multiple call appearances
    • Support for the latest web browsers including Firefox 4.0+ and IE 8+
    • Compatible with v4.0 of Salesforce.com CTI API
    • Ability to login to Operator and Call Group roles and select which role to make an outbound call from
  • Outlook Communicator
    • Ability to login to Operator and Call Group roles and select which role to make an outbound call from
    • Additional preference settings including Binding and Automatic Presence Change based on time
  • Introducing “Flex Communicator” – Flex Communicator is a Microsoft Windows-based application that serves as a standardized interface for third party application integration via Command Line or the default web browser. The application provides screen popping and click to dial functionality. Flex Communicator allows Channel Partners and customers to cost effectively integrate CRM and other line-of-business applications with the Zultys Unified Communications solution without the need for costly professional services.

Voice Mail

Voice Mail features and enhancements in Release 7.0 include:

  • Announcement Only Voicemail Box – Play a greeting/announcement to the caller then disconnect.
  • Auto Deletion of Voicemail Messages - Option to automatically delete saved voice mails, faxes and on demand call recordings after a specified period of time has passed.

Sip Security Enhancements

The market leading SIP security features of the MX system have been further enhanced to deliver unrivalled security:

  • Trusted/Untrusted Network classification provides tighter Network Admission Control including the ability to block all traffic from untrusted networks
  • Configurable sensitivity settings for Denial of Service Attack detection
  • Increased security for systems accessible from the Internet

MX Administrator

With the introduction of the many new features and improvements in Release 7.0, we have taken the opportunity to introduce several usability enhancements in MX Administrator:

  • Greatly reduces the time it takes to connect to an MX system over a slow network link
  • Quick filters added to the Assignment screen to allow for faster location of devices/users
  • Ability to delete all messages in a user’s mailbox via ‘reset user’ function.
  • Ability to view and edit user’s device assignment from the Edit User window.
  • Rework of “SIP and RTP” and “SBC” screens to accommodate the new SIP security functions
  • Usage and limit information for all User and Call Group mailboxes viewable from MX Administrator.



World-class redundancy is built into every MX system, from power to LAN connectivity to PSTN services. This high degree of redundancy ensures that regardless of the failure, the MX system will continue to operate without loss of function for the enterprise and users.

RAID-1 Design

Each MX system is shipped with a commercial quality hard disc drive. This HDD stores the system's operating software, voice mail messages and call recording sessions, user and automated attendant prompts and greetings, and customer-defined system configuration files. For those clients wishing to protect their investment against disc failure, the optional RAID-1 HDD and software may be equipped. Unlike other systems that merely provide back-up of system configuration programming, all operations and files associated with the deployed MX is protected. Should one hard drive fail the system will continue to operate with the remaining hard drive without any service interruption or data loss.

Redundant Power Inputs

The MX system is normally powered via connection to a suitable 110-240 VAC power outlet. In the event of commercial power failure, the system may be protected against outage by deploying the BPS12 battery power supply. This compact but powerful unit is capable of powering not only the MX system itself, but also any peripheral devices that may be installed, such as data switches, music on hold sources, and paging equipment. Weighing under 70 pounds (35 Kg), the BPS12 is lightweight enough for 19” rack mounting, and provides vented convection cooling to minimize damage that is possible in over-heated equipment closets or crowded server rooms.

Dual 10/100Base Ethernet Ports

Two Ethernet ports are provided by each MX system. These two ports can be used to protect your phone communications against IP network failures. In this bridged configuration, the MX system remains fully operational should there be a failure to the original LAN connection provided to the MX.

On-board FXS Ports

The MX system provides two on-board FXS ports for the connection of analog single-line devices, such as fax machines, elevator emergency phones or credit card readers. The built-in availability of these FXS ports reduces a client's need to purchase a separate FXS-8 module to deploy such equipment, thereby reducing the cost and loss of system "real estate" required by the FXS-8 module.

But in addition to providing a cost effective means of connecting analog station devices, these FXS ports serve at power failure transfer ports for analog trunks provided by the PSTN carrier. In the event of a power outage, the first two analog trunks are automatically switched to the built-in FXS ports of the system. This ensures that communications to the outside world is not lost during a power outage.

Field Replaceable Fans

The potential for failure in any communications platform is normally related to those components with moving parts. This is true of the MX system as well. The fan assembly of the MX platform is built with two fan units installed on the same board. The board is mounted onto a removable tray assembly. In the even that one of the fans fails, the other fan is sufficient to cool the system. In the event of a fan failure or noise develops due to fan wear, the fan assembly is easily replaced by field personnel without taking the MX system offline.


An MXcluster configuration is used to extend a single MX system beyond its capacity of 250 users. Up to 3 additional MX systems may be connected to a main MX system. Each added MX system in an MXcluster doubles the base capacity.

Clustering may also be used to provide redundancy of any MX in the cluster. Available deployments include 1+1, 2+1 or 4+1 configurations. In each case, the "+1" indicates a separate non-clustered MX system that is available as a survivable replacement in the event of a failure of any system in the MXcluster. The single redundant system is updated continually with the programming, messaging and user profiles in each of the other MX systems in the MXcluster. If a failure occurs in any of the clustered systems, the stand-by MX system takes the place of the failed system. A short reboot cycle of 3-5 minutes brings the redundant system online, in the virtual place of the failed system. No intervention on the part of the system administrator or service personnel is required for the switch-over to the redundant system to occur.

XRS12 Switching Module

To further support redundant configurations, Zultys provides the optional XRS12, a relay switch that mounts in a 19" rack along with the enterprise's MX system. The XRS12 occupies only 1 RU of rack space. The XRS12 provides the switching mechanism to connect the PSTN circuits of each MX to the redundant standby MX system. In this configuration, if an individual MX fails, the XRS12 automatically switches the PSTN trunk connections from the failed MX250 to the standby MX. Using the XRS12, an MXcluster retains full connectivity to the PSTN after a switch-over without intervention from the administrator.

Disaster Recovery Configurations

In the event of a complete system failure, survivability may be provided through the deployment of an MX25 IP Gateway. In this configuration, the MX25 operates as a back-up system to which users may register to ensure that at least a minimal number of users can remain online and operational.

Additionally, the operating software of the MX system permits ICC agents and Group members to log into foreign systems. By doing so, if the members' "home" system is unavailable for any reason, calls to Groups and ICC queues will continue to be handled. If it is safe to do so, the users can remain at their normal workspace and simply bind their IP phones to a different MX system within the MXgroup.