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Carrier Services Audit

Rather than being a slave to one or two carriers, EpiOn IT helps you shop the market for the best deal on your voice and data circuits.

Our Carrier Services group focuses on helping our clients save money and time by streamlining your voice, data, and Internet circuit needs. We bring industry insight, guidance and support for a wide range of telecom services. Our goal is to provide you with the highest level of personal care and telecom intelligence in the industry.

If you are not sure of the answer to these sorts of questions, then you need 's Carrier Services team. We will analyze your monthly telecom and data bandwidth expenditures, review your current service needs, and then shop the market for the best rates and service. Best of all, we make the process seamless and turn-key for you and your organization.

We start by analyzing 2-3 months worth of invoices for your current circuits. We look at traffic patterns, current rate structures, and other factors to understand all we can about those circuits. We will also want to better understand your core business and its future direction. We then will help you shop your circuits as needed among the open carrier market to find the best value for your company.

To get started we just need a copy of 2-3 months worth of your phone bills. Let us show you how to save 10-20% off of your current phone bill!


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