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The Senior Data Technician serves in a lead customer service role for Epic’s field services team. The position works with dozens of companies ranging in size from very small to $100+ million dollar operations. As new systems are sold or support requests are received, the Senior Data Technician works through a structured process to resolve the client’s needs in a professional and expedient manner. All work is documented in Epic’s practice management system. Constant learning and a commitment to continuing education are a must in this fast paced and technically challenging environment.


The successful candidate should have a strong working knowledge of advanced LAN/WAN devices and technology such as:

  1. Cisco routers, switches, wireless access points, firewalls, and intrusion detection systems;
  2. Microsoft’s server product line including key server applications such as Exchange, SQL, and Terminal servers;
  3. PC and server hardware support and repair issues
  4. physical networking standards related cabling, rack management, and environmental controls.

Candidates should possess sufficient skills so as to be able to deploy entire data networks based on the above technologies and incorporate key concepts such as NAT, QoS, VoIP, VLAN’s, VPN’s and IPSec tunneling across LANs and WANs involving wireless, fiber optic, T1, MPLS, Frame Relay and other communication mediums.

Candidates must be self-motivated with strong time management skills and the ability to work in a team environment. Candidates should also possess strong customer service and communication skills as well. Certifications such as CCNA, MCSE, A+, and ITS Level 1 BICSI are heavily preferred.